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ZCOOP MY Editor-in-Chief, Aini Shah

ZCOOP MY Editor-in-Chief, Aini Shah

Aini Shah is the Editor-in-Chief for ZALORA ZCOOP MY Magazine and she loves writing on various topics from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, recipes, fitness, relationships and travel to inspire others. The Malay-Chinese mix blood lady has been part of ZALORA’s ZCOOP Magazine project since its conception. Being a true Cancer, she is someone who knows how to be intact with her creative side and this helps her to write relatable articles for her readers. In the process of writing a romance novel, she has been hooked to story-telling since a young age. Participating in story-telling and writing competitions since her elementary days, she never gets tired of it.


Sharing tit bits of her life in her blog and Instagram @norelannie, she believes in sharing daily stories and events of her life to help others understand that you can definitely have it all if you put your mind to it.  Married to her high school sweetheart of 10 years, she loves writing on relationship advices from her own roller coaster experiences. When she is not busy carrying her role in the office, this mother of one may be spending time with her family at home or hanging out with her girls. Standing by the quote ‘Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game’ teaches her to be strong and achieve her dreams. Women empowerment all the way!


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